The Montserrat Port Authority was established in January 1978. The Authority was originally located in Plymouth in the Southern side of the Island which is the capital of Montserrat, bearing that we are a small island with the population of approximately 12,000 persons.  The Port Authority was the only seaport of entry on this our little rock we call the Emerald Isle.

The Montserrat Port Authority started off with its first Port Manager Captain Dawson.  The first jetty was designed and built by Higgs & Hills Ltd a British firm.  The Authority was located in the Plymouth area for 11 years until the unfortunate natural disaster of a hurricane named Hugo in 1989.

During this destruction the port used three (3) barges as a make shift Jetty to continue the rebuilding of the Island and for the continuous services the Port Authority offered.   In the year 1991 – 1993 a new jetty was then constructed.

With all the hard work placed into this project, the Port Authority was pleased to open its new best modern structure jetty in the entire Caribbean region.  Unfortunately the volcanic activities restarted in 1997, where the entire Plymouth area was destroyed and covered in ash.

The Port Authority was then relocated to Little Bay in the Northern side of the Island in June 1997 where it is still currently operating for the past 20 years.

A new port development project is underway and is expected to be completed in 2022.

The Authority continues to strive and operate and facilitates the operations of Container Vessels (RO-RO & LO-LO), Break-bulk vessels, Tugs & Barges, Anchoring for Cruise Ships, Pleasure Yachts and Fuel Vessels.