Montserrat Port Authority Equipment Rental Details

Equipment is available for rental by the Montserrat Port Authority with at least 24hrs notice and this procedure is processed with the completion of a form which is featured <here>. The equipment that we have available is: Charges in * Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC $)

Forklift$100/hr or part thereof
Tow tractor$100/hr or part thereof
Site Lights$150/hr or part thereof
Salt Water Pump$150/hr or part thereof
Capacity Truck$200/hr or part thereof
Top lifter (CHU)$100 per lift (on compound only)
Crane$250/hr on compound /$400 hr off compound

Rental of equipment is limited to a minimum of two hours.

A total of $50/man hour must be paid additionally for overtime, weekends, and bank holidays

Applicants are held responsible for the equipment during the entire period of hire. When the equipment is operated by Montserrat Port Authority’s staff, the applicant must give the necessary instructions but note that the Operator may refuse to do anything considered unsafe or detrimental to the equipment.

If additional hours to those requested are required, and if such hours are in overtime, applicant must undertake to pay such rates as and when they become due and payable and return the equipment immediately upon completion of the paid period.

Applicants must note that equipment may be required by the Authority for its own work, and it takes priority.  Therefore, no guarantee of availability of equipment is given by the Authority nor does it accept any liability for failure to provide the equipment at the requested time or period requested or for any damage to the property.