Safety and security are paramount at the Montserrat Port Authority (MPA).

The MPA is an International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code compliant facility. The ISPS Code which is formulated and administered by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) provides a framework through which ships and port facilities can co-operate to detect and deter acts which pose a threat to maritime security.

The security measures in place are applicable to all vessels which are subject to the ISPS Code as well as port users.

The Security Services Department which is led by the Port Facilities Security Officer (PFSO) is responsible for ensuring a secure and safe environment on a twenty-four-hour basis.

On Entry to Little Bay Port

NB:      Natural Reef

For the protection and the benefit of the community, NO anchorage is permitted on the Natural Reefs as indicated on the mariners Chart No.254

16° 48.11” N
62° 12.22” W


Contact the Port Authority by  VHF 16  for berthing and anchorage information.

Customs Immigration and Port Documentation

Documentation required depending on the type of vessel operations.

Passenger Manifest4 Copies
Crew Manifest4 Copies
Cargo Manifest2 Copies
Unmanifested Cargo List2 Copies
Stores List2 Copies
Maritime Declaration of Health2 Copies
Crew Effects List1 Copy
Clearance from Last Port 1 Copy
Boarding Forms3 Copies (forms supplied)
MPA Vessel Arrival Report1 Copy (forms supplied)




Services/Facilities available:

  • Telephone, fax and water
  • Deep and Open anchorage



There is an option available to cruise ships as it relates to berthing

  • Vessels of length up to 78 meters
  • Docking alongside the pier in Port Little Bay
  • Jetty Length is 300 feet long by 30 feet wide
  • Anchoring in Little Bay



3000 sq ft enclosed temporary Transit Shed storage for General and Breakbulk Cargo

8000 Sq ft meters Transit Shed under construction


Bunkering is available for smaller vessels that can dock alongside the jetty i.e. up to 78 meters in length with drafts 2 meters forward and 4 meters after.


Charges in Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC $)


Under 10 calls/annum –  $13.50 per manifested passenger

Over 10 calls/annum – $8.10 per manifested passenger


Port Dues1st 24 hrsEach 24hrs after
Vessels 20-100 GRT$100$100 plus $10 clearance
Vessels 100-500 GRT$200$200.00
Vessels 500-1000 GRT$300.00$300.00
Vessels 1000-5000 GRT$400.00$400.00
Vessels 5000 GRT and Over$500.00$500.00


Running Lines Fee
Ships 0 to 100 GRT excluding schooners$25.00
Vessels 101-500 GRT$40.00
Vessels 501- 2000 GRT$50.00
Vessels 2001- 5000 GRT$75.00
Vessels 5001 – 10000 GRT$100.00
Vessels 10000 GRT and over$150.00
Note : If Marker Bouys are used, add 50% extra to above charges


Piloting Fees
Vessels 0-100 GRT-
Vessels 101-500 GRT$60.00
Vessels 501- 2000 GRT$70.00
Vessels 2001- 5000 GRT$90.00
Vessels 5001 – 10000GRT$200.00
Vessels 10000 GRT and over$300.00
PRIVATE YACHT AT ANCHOR $25 plus $10 clearance


For piloting between 4 p.m and 8 p.m on Weekdays 50% additional to the above rates. On Sundays, Statutory and public holidays, 100% additional to the above rates.  One quarter of the above rates will apply per hour or part thereof.

Request for pilot service is done through local agent or direct request to Montserrat Port Authority twenty-four hours in advance.

The fees and dues appearing above are subject to change and during working hours are collected by the Accounts Department, Port Manager Office.

For further information or discussion of our ship’s special needs please contact: Port Manager – Telephone: 664 491 2791/2 Fax 664 491 8063 Email or your ship’s agent.


Local agent available
For Cargo imports and exports, it is necessary to contact a local agent.